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Has the confidence been cancelled by your house banker? We will quickly find a suitable bank for a good long term relation for you. Mostly we start by letting our European bank relations issue sharp designated offers.

These offers will be characterised by short run-through times, low interest and redemptions AND the transferability of the mortgages. We re-finance hotels, home portfolios and also offices.

Short term financings and bridging financings

Has an auction been announced so you require time to bridge? We can help you quickly with a bridging financing or “bridge Loan”. We have the disposition over own funds and private persons with which we can act quickly without intervention of a credit committee.

Long-term financing

If your current financing expires, then we will gladly assist you with acquitting a suitable “senior loan”. We maintain contacts with 48 banks domestically and abroad. Because of it we are aware of all possibilities and we can present you with the best conditions.

Financing required for the development of real estate

Often it is impossible to find an affordable financing for the development of real estate. We can be a good construction financing to connect seamlessly with a “senior loan”. Because of it, the development can take place after all and the financing costs remain so, that after all a healthy profit can be made.

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