Edwin Mulder (Miller White Group) told me: “Joost, I only do business with nice people”. “Easy for you to say”, I thought, “you should also be able to afford this”. The next day I thought: “Edwin is right, so it has to do with being critical with whom you want to do business”.

I have to tell you, usually my applications for financing at Hypotheker are about complex refinancing that require a pragmatic approach. But this was not at all the case with Droomparken. Edwin introduced me to Andries Bruil, Hoevert Vos and Jos Angelier from Droomparken. No financing issue at all but growth ambitions!

I told these men about my world, about financing through German banks and how the market was developing. They told me proudly about their company Droomparken, about how the family business had developed over the past 40 years and what the plans were. My tie went off, we were in Vinkeveen near the water and I thought, what fun guys these guys are.

It quickly became clear to me that there is a well-considered vision behind this company. Droomparken turned out to have a clear vision, they told about experimenting with concepts such as Tiny Houses and I was still under the impression that recreational homes still existed from the ’60s, ‘Center Parks’-like decayed glory. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jos told me to come and have a look. I said “yes” but honestly still had no idea of what to expect. I always say financing is emotion, they had definitely struck the right cord.

Long story short, I stayed at Bad Hoophuizen right on the water. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. What a cool company these men have created and they really live up to their claim. Last week I was in my car and heard Andries on BNR news radio, just listen to him (..and work on your Dutch ;-)). In any case, I will continue to work out plans with the guys of Droomparken.