Credit description

Loans to an enterprise whereby the object of lien is often not in the hands of the borrowing enterprise but of the Director/Major Shareholder. The Loan will be concluded to generate “working capital” or to make a purchase.

The intention is to redeem this Loan as soon as a bank credit is available, by the sale of the object of the lien or by the sale of other investments from private source.

For instance:

A B.V. that wishes to start a new production line, but has yet disposition over an insufficient Cash Flow.

The Loan will be concluded whereby a part of the real estate portfolio of the Director/Major Shareholder serves as object for the surety.

Abbreviated terms and conditions:

  • Scope From €250k to several millions.
  • Tenor Between 6 and 24 months.
  • Form Both first and second mortgage possible.
  • Interest rate From 0,75% per month, dependent on the subject of the surety and “Loan to value”.
  • Redemption Free of redemption during the tenor.


  • Signing fee: €650 + up to 2% over the used credit amount.
  • Taxation cost will be born by the Borrower.
  • Legal costs will be borne by the Borrower.